3 thoughts on “It’s a Camera Phone World”

  1. The cell phone is already the “next big thing” only the app is voice!

    I think what’s more interesting is cell-enabling other devices rather than feature enabling cell phones. Why not link your cellular-enabled digital camera or GameBoy to your cellular service?

    Camera phones display the classic hybrid problem: they are lousy at both functions.

  2. Have you tried to buy a cell phone lately? I didn’t want to get a camera phone, but when I went to replace my last phone in december, of all the available options, the best deals were all on camera phones. I wonder if this is just at sprint stores?

  3. Sprint phone – well check out cingular and t-mobile and att wireless – the damn camera phones are everywhere and well being a treo 600 junkie, I can say easily – i love the service and the concept if not the phone.

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