7 thoughts on “Slow Posting..MySQL problems”

  1. I just made the move to WordPress – amazing system. No more rebuilding and great control over spam comments.

    You can import flawlessly and a sccript was just written to effortlessly redirect pages both locally from your MT site and from static external links. I literally just did this – could not stand the rebuild time.

    There is no rebuild with WordPress.

    There is no spoon…

  2. Jonathan

    thanks for the post. i was wondering how do i transition the templates. i think that is going to be the key. any tips for me?


    MT-blacklist does not work on my server for some odd reason. bah!

  3. The templates are similar… though there is really one main template. You can set up similar css and be good to go.

    There is an import script within the app – I did an export directly from MT (not through SQL) and WP imported everything in about 30 seconds (I had over 1800 posts) including comments – the works.

    You might find some specific help in the support forums – http://wordpress.org/support/

  4. Yep wordpress is the name. I so wanted to start my hindi blog with wordpress but MySQL 4.1 is still in alpha and ISP don’t have it. I need MySQL 4.1 cuz my blog is based in unicode and that is the version when MySQL will support it. Till then I am on MT and someday will export 😀

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