3 thoughts on “Its the 3G Stupid”

  1. The problem with Verizon’s EVDO is that it’s still priced out of most consumers’ reach. Using unlimited data with an EVDO-capable PDA or smartphone costs an extra $45/mo. on top of your calling plan. Tethering an EVDO phone like the LG VX8000 to a laptop for modem use requires an $80/mo. data plan.

    Cingular may only have EDGE (2.5G) right now, but you can get unlimited data through MEdiaWorks for $19.95/mo. And you can tether your phone to a laptop or PDA at that price.

    I have a Verizon phone, and I really like their service, but damn…

  2. It’s the tethering thing that kills you, since otherwise you could consider having the EVDO as your only connection and the price would seem reasonable. This is one case where I think Verizon is doing this not so much to squeeze the customers as to keep from overwhelming their network. They are probably worried about having a network capacity fiasco, like AT&T did with Digital One Rate, if they get too many early adopters. As a potential customer, you gotta hate such conservatism though . . .

  3. Jesse –

    That’s my take on it as well. Verizon is eventually gonna have to drop the prices, but I think for now they are content to price people out of the market rather than risk overloading the service and leaving people with a sub-optimal experience.

    EVDO is too spendy for me at this point. I’ll get to test the service but won’t be a subscriber anytime soon.


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