7 thoughts on “Joost Becomes Widget Platform”

  1. ooh ahh, let’s all throw a party over Joost, from the same coders who developed Skype which has a mostly Windows dependency as a closed source application that no one can see under the hood so we end up with massive Skype outages whenever Microsoft burps.

    GIve me a break. I can’t wait for Skype and Joost to be whaled on by an open source project (and then eBay will be wondering why they wasted shareholder’s monies).

  2. anyone had problems running Joost on Vista? Mine worked for a few days and then died, the Joost forums have no answers so I’m hoping this new release actually works

  3. joost needs to stop floundering around and address what’s really important. The quality that they provide the content is great, and I really buy into their system… except for my main gripe: WHERE IS THE CONTENT?!??! There is nothing worth watching on joost… this is the most important feature/improvement they need to work on before bug fixes/releasing the API.

    Once they some damn content worth watching and I’ll be interested, but until then this is an application I’ll never use

  4. Ronak is right. Hulu (will have it), BitTorrent, IM have better content than Joost. So will any other network based effort, and the big cable MSOs have not even gotten involved. When comcast makes VOD content available on any platform, who will need joost or any of these others. it’s about content and today, the cable ops still have the power to get content rights.

  5. Joost is too late. Miro is already there and it does the job quite nicely. It runs Mac, Windows and Linux from the get go and supports a large array of formats so Joost is really outdated, even before it started.

    The best thing is that it’s possible to host a Miro channel by your own quite easily (and as far as I can tell, all you need is a standard http server).

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