6 thoughts on “Online Video: Mad Money & Battle For The 10th Spot”

  1. Goldrush 2.0, personally I’d sell my sieve, click on some Videohybrid, aka ‘the summer project’, ah sweet irony, and settle down for some Bourne Penultimatum and the rumour that Om is going to be the next Bond villain.

    Dirk Musk

  2. Acquisitions come from surprising places and it’s just a matter of time until this innovative sector solves the problem of advertising to audiences that are today only a fraction of what they will be in time. NewTeeVee says these sites get 10% of YouTube’s traffic right? They are building substantial audiences while the major tech bloggers are sitting on the sidelines and shaking their heads cynically 😉 I think some more optimism is warranted.

  3. When the mad money starts flowing, it’s time to get out of that space. Online video itself is now old news.

    The question is – what’s the next big thing in online video – that’s what will make the VCs money. However, most VCs are also loath to invest in such companies.

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