60 thoughts on “Joost for Mac, Alpha today, Beta next week”

  1. Yes! I can’t wait (six more minutes). Please get me in on this alpha NewTeeVee.

    I’m actually already a member at Joost because I have already gotten an invite so if you could post some more info to clarify about already registered users then that would be great.

  2. Can someone send me an invite or let me know how to link to the site to get on the list, I have an intel mac and would love to be part of the testing.

  3. Hey Kevin and Neil,

    The deal is, when Joost opens the site they will let us know. The first hundred people to get over there should be able to download the software right then. At least that’s how I understand it.


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  5. i want to join the mac beta program…i have an intel based mac…and apparently i am among the first 100


  6. i also want to join the mac beta program… i also have an intel based mac and i want to be one of the firsts to trie it…

    so exited…

  7. yes, i know we’re still waiting for it to launch, but are we signing up here or at the joost site? i’ve already been accepted as a beta tester (with the windows test, i guess) and logged in and haven’t seen anything in either place. hope i don’t have to re-apply.

  8. Eric,

    the Joost site is going to open up and then you can sign up there. If you have registered, then you will be able to download the software.

    for some odd reason there is a delay on the download side. I cannot raise anyone on their end at this time of the night.

    Will keep you posted.

  9. Hi, I have already downloaded it! Its So cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody tht gets it post a message so we can see how many people get it.

  10. Great news. Joost rocks and being able to get it on your Mac is a must. I’m sure there will be many people clamouring to get access to it.

  11. This totally sucks that they only allowed 200 downloads. I didn’t get the updated feed that the freaking thing was available until just now and when I went to download it, the link was dead. If this is how they are going to be doing business, I think that I’m going to have to give Joost a thumbs down already.

    200 downloads is way too small a number considering the number of Mac users that are interested in using the service. And for the developers to have put the application together this late in the game is already a strike against them.

  12. ugh, i missed it too. what is this having to be logged in thing? how do you log in to download the file if you haven’t been accepted into the beta program…;.lamee

  13. If you missed out don’t fret because adding a small mix of users computers into the alpha is the very last stage of alpha testing usually .

    I do beta testing for one company that asks a select group of beta users to test their products about a day or two before they officially launch to make sure nothing is really screwed up .

    Om said in the title that the beta will be next week and the Joost people are saying very soon on their forums and IRC channel .

  14. If anyone has a spare token I would greatly appreciate. I would love to test out joost! Odoyle721[at]hotmail[dot]com

  15. “All new beta-testers now get tokens allowing them to invite friends and acquaintances, and these tokens will give you instant access to Joost™.”

    I host a television talk show from here in New York City.

    I would love to try out Joost asap…

    PLEASE send me a token so that I can beta test Joost….


  16. Hey Folks!
    Just heared about Joost. Would someone possibly be so kind and invite me to this great service? I really would love to try it!

    joost.supporter [at] gmail [dot] com

  17. Got Joost? Wud like to try out and see how is it different from existing apps like TVU and the likes of it..

  18. i know it’s late, but i have faith.

    could any one release one little joost invitation to mailto8o#gmail[.]com?

    god bless

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