9 thoughts on “Top New York VC Joshua Kushner has a new company, Oscar, that wants to change health care”

  1. “The company is using data and user experience to reinvent what is a very traditional business.”

    I am curious what they are planning to do. Much of the Healthcare Act is geared toward standardizing health insurance and reducing the scope for variation in pricing and coverage: lots of rules setting minimum coverage requirements, requirements to cover pre-existing conditions, limits on what factors can be used in setting rates, etc.

        1. I have it all written down and mailed to myself with a United States Post Office postmark.
          Thank you,

  2. Can someone in California deal with this company? I cannot seam to find a website, just news. I saw the Chris Hayes segment and sincerely hope this ray of light becomes a beacon.

    1. I saw the Christ Hayes segment, too. Searching for their website. It’s exciting to think someone — anyone — has the foresight and clarity to take on the traditional health insurance industry. Long overdue! Let’s hope they also have a few associates/employees/consultants who have experience IN health insurance and actual healthcare delivery. This very lack is a big part of the problem of the traditional companies — people with MBAs and financial or actuarial expertise running things without a clue about patient care and provider ethics, overlooking or discounting expertise of those of us in the “trenches”, so to speak.

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