2 thoughts on “Say hi to Hi, a fun webapp for sharing location-based moments”

  1. I disagree that Hi needs to “graduate” to native platforms. Right now you have something simple, powerful, and universal. It doesn’t need CoreData or Android Intents or 60fps animations–or to be subject to a “17+” rating from Apple because someone could potentially take pictures of their junk.

    It would be far better to have more needlessly native apps *graduate* to the universality of the web

    Let it be free.

    1. That’s a great point, John. I created a somewhat similar Web app for location-based storytelling, and I wrestled with the possibility of going native to fix performance issues in the early stages of development. Ultimately I choose to stick with the Web, and I’m satisfied with my decision because my friends can freely access the app with their laptops and mobile devices, regardless of the platform.

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