10 thoughts on “Keeping up the Gigabytes (Mail)”

  1. these are some pretty exciting times arent’t they om?

    Or am I late in the blog reading game?

    was it always like this?

  2. what excitement. this is feature versus feature era. aka 1997, we will soon see a gusher of VC dollars into more features and voila… something to write about ..

  3. Hotmail increased my storage to 2GB many moons back, without even informing me. I am not a premium user. I feel all these are bragging rights that come cheap. Even at the retail level, 1GB is about $1 and the operating cost probably increases only marginally. In any event the average utilization is probably a fraction of that. So why not?

  4. sure thing. its like back in the day the debate used to be my car is bigger than yours. keeping up with jones. it seems we have all turned to the bragging rights and all.

  5. The neato thing that they pulled is that corresponding to the javascript counter on the GMail homepage, your inbox storage size also increases.

    Check the javascript counter on the gmail home page. sign-in into your gmail account. scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the same inbox size as the one in the javascript counter. creative trick!

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