7 thoughts on “Kevin Martin… Unplugged”

  1. Future politician? Don’t know any other way to describe what he is or how he currently operates, other than on a very political agenda. Remember, Martin was a key member of the Bush-Cheney 2000 Florida recount team. He may have been an FCC staffer way back when but that may not be the most important part of his resume. 🙂

    Future elected official, that is the rumored goal. Those close to him say he is very smart, which is maybe why he doesn’t roam hotel hallways where reporters lurk.

  2. In the recent past – the FCC Chair post has always been one to shake up the status quo – whether Martin succeeds in his goals remains to be seen. But I think we will all agree – he has stirred up discussions that have the potential to change business as usual. Remember Michael Powell – he caused a bit a stir himself – now laying low in the private equity world. Martin will move on – and maybe stay visible in the public eye. The NCTA certainly will not miss him!

  3. Om, not to belabor the point, but the population density argument is weak — even Canadian politicians moved beyond that lame excuse, and are ahead as a result.

    I wrote the following editorial in 1998, now a decade ago. Where’s the progress (several FCC chairman have since come, and gone)?

    Broadband Policy: Lessons Learned, The U.S. Interstate Highway System

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