12 thoughts on “D6: Rupert Murdoch for Obama? Not Quite…. But”

  1. Good for Murdoch!

    He seems to have all his ducks in a row:

    * Open video sharing (even when not legal) promotes a networks shows and should not be sued.
    * Mccain is a long time senator.
    * We shouldn’t just jump behind Obama because he is suave… let’s see where he really stands.

  2. @ Ben,

    I have to tell you the old man is still better than rest of his media counterparts any day anywhere. everyone else is just a poser. I was quite impressed. Seriously impressed.

  3. Despite being in his late seventies (!!!), Rupert has proven himself nimble when it comes to getting his organisation online. He runs rings around most corporate executives – media or otherwise – and has done so for decades.

    I have always found his bluntness quite refreshing compared to the sanitised pr rubbish most execs spout.

  4. Murdoch has long supported politicians who guarantee a chance at a future. I’m not surprised to see his move towards Obama and “anyone but the thugs in power”. After all, he’s already thrown a few fundraisers for Hillary at his NYC penthouse.

    Geeks really should stay connected with politics, too.

  5. Liberals are so misinformed and are always looking for someone to hate

    Murdoch is a significant backer of liberal Democrats. He backed Gore for crying out loud. Do a little research instead of buying the lies that fanatics sell you. Murdoch is not cemented into any party and that why Foxnews is the leading news source for americans

    A MSNBC report showed 9 out of 10 reporters donated to the democrats. If you dont recognize you have been spoon fed opinions from a liberal media your entire life your clueless. Fox only seems weird to you because there isnt only ONE republican out of every 10 you see on screen

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