15 thoughts on “Skyfire Gets $13 Million To Fight Mobile Browser Wars”

  1. I installed Skyfire on my HTC Kaiser (ATT Tilt) a couple of weeks ago and while it’s still a beta browser (slow page load speeds, LONG startup time, etc…) it is so much better than any other mobile browser (save safari on the iPhone) that I now use it daily.

  2. “Why everybody is developing their Location Aware Applications? If I have to install 10 softwares on my mobile, I am sure all of them will be reading my GPS info constantly from mobile and sending to their respective servers. First of all, it is sheer wastage of processing power of my tiny mobile and also the bandwidth (because applications may use their own protocol to transmit Location Coordinate) . It can be easily done if HTTP request has this parameter for Location Coordinate.”


  3. In my earlier comment, I am advocating a browser with location awareness. It is desired feature from all the application developer.

    PS: Apologize for two comments …

  4. Personally, I love skyfire. I think it’s the best browser going for Windows Mobile, and I just might be sad to see it go when I switch over to an iPhone come June. Though something tells me that they might just develop a version for iphone as well. Time will tell.

  5. I want to try this application on my Symbian N82 .. I guess nothing can beat the speed of the iPhone in terms of rendering the content. Its a Native App 🙂

    But ability to play flash is amazing

  6. “It has a mobile browser that can render regular web pages almost perfectly like the way you expect to see them on your desktop. Only Apple’s iPhone version of Safari has that kind of ability.”

    You are kidding, right?

    Not only has Nokia been doing this for ages, but even the lame-ass browser Netfront does it these days.

    “Microsoft should buy this company and replace their lousy Mobile IE with this much nicer product.”

    Yeah, but do their servers scale? All data goes through Skyfire’s servers, remember.

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