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  1. I would not recommend signing up on this site. I am from MN, a legal gambling state (according to the site), and signed up for an account. I even put $$ into an account to play cash games. I was able to play them for about 1-2 weeks. Then, my account said that I couldn’t login because my “Login not allowed from this region/state.” I then contacted the company & they said that I have an invisible IP address or was in a state that didn’t allow gambling. I have now been fighting them for over a week trying to get my money back. I hadn’t (& still haven’t) changed a thing on my computer. After they told me about my IP address, I went on their site & signed up for another account WITH NO PROBLEMS!! You tell me what’s going on with their site. I THINK THEY ARE CROOKS!

  2. @ Vicky…my account said that I couldn’t login because my “Login not allowed from this region/state.”

    The same thing is happening to me right now. After talking to my provider it seems that they (provider) have purchased a new pool of IP numbers which King.com’s IP log is not yet recognising. I will not give up this fight!

  3. I have been having the exact same problem with king, only it started happening when I started winning which was weird.

    But ridiculous we can’t have access to our money no matter the problem. They should ahve come up with a solution.

  4. Same my problem!!! Just started today. It was not problem when I was playing with little wining and more lost cash. The problem started happening when I started winning $200 more, this wining game closed today! I was keeping 1st and price over $200 more when checked my account(last vist @ 24 hour ago)

  5. the same thing has happen to me…..when i tried to sign on @ my job about a month ago this statement Login not allowed from this region/state but i could still sign on from my pc @ home but now i started paying for cash i can not sign on from home…..remind you my sister and my daughter still sign on with no problems

  6. King.com is a world-wide scammer site. It doesnt take more than a 5th grade education to figure this out. The second you start winning and making money, you begin to loose and then loose again, no matter HOW good you are at whatever game you play. If for some reason you get lucky and win a few hundred bucks, your NOT lucky at all because you cant really withdraw it. I play bejeweled 2, and made a bunch of small deposits here and there….and have noticed that the most points one could possibly earn in one game is around 20,000. If you score 20,000 points, consider self a lucky SOB!!!! anyways, my point is, i was playing a cash tournament the other day and woulda got first place, but then, a player from germany took the pot, WITH A SCORE OF OVER 5 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting 5 million points playing bejeweled 2 on king.com would be like a pro baseball team scoring 35,000 runs in one game. Their is absoluty no way in hell it is possible….then another player beat me as well with a score of 614000!!!!!! I COMPLAINED TO THE SITES TECH SUPPORT AND THEY SAID THEY COULDNT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT A TOURNAMENT ID, SO I SUPPLIED THEM WITH IT AND NEVER HEARD A THING BACK. If only these crooks could pay for there evil actions…..the funniest part is, your paired up with people to play against, but dont know who until AFTER your done playing, ???? then, if your score is really high, the site says “waiting for opponent” until someone on the server beats you, and then your paired with THAT person and lose your money once again. FAGGOTS.

  7. your talking shit matey. King.com are irritating, yes. but those people who beat you are real, I am one of them. I am top of my game at king and have had about £20,000 out of those suckas. They hate it yes, and they try sooo hard to get you off there site if you are a winner. But they cant. And you my mate are just not good enough, unlucky.
    And as for bejewelled, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to get a score of 5million, but the whole game is random, just imagion that that particular random game was just explosion after explosion of ponts not stop to the end, you could get that score., stop whining like a little bitch and face facts, you just suck.

  8. I had the same region/state login problem. King.com’s standard reply said either I, my IP, or ISP resides in one of the blocked states. I fixed it by renewing my IP address. Took a few tries (different IP) but it worked. I can login now without any problems.

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