5 thoughts on “The Feed Hijack Update”

  1. i wish that was indeed the case. it was good to see that folks are still reading me in the feed. hopefully regular service has been resumed.

  2. I had my main WordPress blog feed hijacked this morning, too! I suddenly noticed my Jaiku username & photo running w/many feeds from another blog (obviously not mine). I clicked on the feed and tracked it back to the Losers without Socks blog, went there and saw how it was, well, NOT like anything I would want to represent me online. After reporting it several times to WordPress and not being able to log in to my own main blog there, I finally got three different responses from WP over a 2-hr. period, and a few hours after reporting the incident, I finally got a response from Jaiku. The latest from WordPress said that it was “…our programmatic error, not the other blog owners’ fault,” which I wish they had told me the first time I reported it–the first “customer service” person at WordPress just wrote me a one-word response: “Sorry!” and a link to nothing helpful. Jaiku took several hours to reply and suggested I confront the “troll” myself and that they would help me if I “would feel uncomfortable…” doing so. What is amazing is how “customer service” operates (or doesn’t) at WordPress and Jaiku, and I’m still not completely sure it was a “programmatic error” on WordPress’s part, although I’ll have to take their word for it. Aaarrrggghhh indeed. This whole incident wasted hours of my time, could have damaged my business reputation online, and involved changing passwords and disconnecting (and later, reconnecting) my blog feeds at multiple social networking sites. I have always been a fan of WordPress, but needless to say, the “customer service” I received today, from both WP and Jaiku, really, well, sucked.

    -Cathryn Hrudicka, Creative Sage(tm)

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