11 thoughts on “Kleiner Perkins’ Passage To India”

  1. The Sheratons in Mumbai and Hydrebad also have a similar restuarant – and there is a restaurant in NYC with same name and almost similar menu… I am glad I do NOT get to these cities too often or I would be twice my already large size…

    inteersting they are investing in consumer plays rather than software plays…Ray is more of a software guy…

  2. But I think the original Bukhara is Still the best. I think lack of good _ good software deals might be behind consumer internet plays. Still they are picking good horses.

  3. IMHO, Bukhara is over priced and over hyped. It has become the typical guide-book destination where most people end up going just because their guide book recommended it. But that is just my opinion 🙂

    Its interesting that 4 out of 5 comments so far are about Bukhara and not about the actual content of this post 🙂

  4. InfoEdge got a ~Rs. 100 crore ($22 million) valuation back in 2000 from ICICI ventures.

    That was for Naukri.com (before 99acres and Jeevan Sathi).

  5. Lot of this investments are happening in an overcrowded space of Job markets & Travel Portals. That way I like DFJ which is taking a bet on various spaces, they made investments(including seed) in Vegayan, Seventymm etc.


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