9 thoughts on “Google, Skype Fund FON”

  1. I suppose the Sony Playstations can participate too.

    So we’re headed for a ubiquitous wifi network. Anywhere you can place a wifi chip, you can extend the network. Cars could have them too, if mobility can be solved. Until then, any stationary device with a wifi chip can be a node on the wireless wifi network, as long as it’s wifi and enabled to share.

    Makes sense. I like it. Wifi everywhere.

  2. Great analysis! What I like the most about Fon is the fact that it mixes two big trends: social networking and wireless communications. And it does so in an international way, which is another key for sucess.

  3. 1- ┬┐GOOGLE? ┬┐or VC ?

    2- ┬┐SKYPE of EBAY? ┬┐or founders (ex-owners) of Skype?

    3- ┬┐SKYPE of EBAY? ┬┐or VC?

    4- ┬┐CISCO? ┬┐or AN employeer of Cisco?

    :/ it is very diferent. or not?

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