One thought on “Koreans make great phones”

  1. My last two handsets have been Samsung, and I’ve been pretty happy with their interface. It’s been easy to figure out how to use the phone without reading the manual, and the number of keypresses required is acceptable.

    My wife just got a new Sanyo, and its interface is pretty similar to the Samsung interface (nicer in some ways). So it’s not just the Koreans that get it.

    Overall, I agree with your point: it’s not just features that matter, it’s how easy it is to use the device. Oftentimes buyers concentrate too much on specs and not usability, but I think that is starting to change.

    A small nit: Kyocera is a Japanese company, and unless they’ve moved it, their cell phone business is based out of San Diego, since they bought Qualcomm’s handset business.

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