2 thoughts on “Slow death of the record store”

  1. Hey, kudos to you & your site. Just wanted to say in response to this: the cover art, the cover art! Before the advent of the music video, there was the album cover art, which, if you are an audiophile, or even a design head, is part of the pleasure in the purchase. I just got a Powerbook last month and I’m sure it’s a matter of time before I use the I tunes music store to buy music, but for now, I still like browsing for music I’m new to by its cover.


    ps – Virgin is hideous for other reasons.

  2. ranjani, thanks for the comments and your kind words. i have to say the single biggest problem right now with record stores is the time you waste looking for the right album. by the way i think there is that other aspect you bring up – now you can download cover art with the album/tracks in ITunes, so it is simpler to print the labels should I need them for the CD Collection

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