5 thoughts on “Landed in India”

  1. ok, since i was there only few months ago, i will periodically keep chiming in on your posts..not stalking you, dude πŸ™‚
    try going to one of the cinema multiplexes…go eat somwhere in a place like Pizza Hut or something, where there are young collge going kids or young adults. And listen in on conversations of your neighboring tables..9 out of 10 times, these people will be talking about call centers or some new fangled thing…..i learned so much just from that…

  2. Welcome to India! And puh-leeze…no posts about exotic, throbbing, vibrant or shining India…please πŸ˜‰

    Is Delhi the only city on your travel plans?

  3. Just got back to work myself. See your global travels. Be well, be safe. Also, why are you so surprized about the lack of WiFi in airports? I for one, understand that outside of the “clubs” there is no real reason to support them, it only invites trouble i.e. 9/11 type stuff. I can see no economical reason to do it…hints of Delta Airlines going for chapter 11 would make all airlines tighten their belts rather than take on a new expense.
    On the other hand, my local car wash/detailer now offers free Wifi! Go figure?!?!

  4. This mirrors my experience landing in New Delhi very late at night and being surprised by how alive the city was at that time.

    I figured it was a cross between comfort and a city that is supporting global, time zone shifted activities.

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