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  1. Good to know some one who knows India would be covering the “O” word :D. Never mind about the internet connectivity, I believe you will be in urban areas for the most time. You will get cafes almost round the corner. About the cell phone, I believe you will be on expenses 😀 but still buying a GSM calling card for Rs 300-watever would be cheaper.

    And since telecom is your forte, see what can you find about Reliance Telecom. They have made quite a network in very small time. Last time I spoke with my cousin he was browsing the internet using his Reliance Phone and Desktop at 144kbps. Sweet. Hoping you have a blast over there.

  2. yep, check Reliance, i used it when i was there in nov-dec last year. works at decent speeds, but i am not so sure it will be compatible with Mac…you may have to borrow a Windows laptop for the duration, if you want to connect with Reliance. And that is the only true way to be mobile in India right now…hell, I haven’t found a better way in U.S. or UK yet…
    read this for more: This Mobile Life: http://www.paidcontent.org/pc/arch/2003_11_24.shtml#003372

    i blogged straight from a high-speed train in india: read this: http://www.paidcontent.org/pc/arch/2003_12_04.shtml#003447

    hell, i even blogged in the midst of crocodiles, in a croc farm in southern india: http://www.paidcontent.org/pc/arch/2003_12_17.shtml#003566

    take it away, om…

  3. Hey OM

    If you are going on an Assignment-and that too to your home country after 8 years-you would land up in CULTURE SHOCK definitely.

    Vibrant Indian economy with middle class spending money, young and educated with can-do attitude, mobile society, net discussiopns, indi-pak cricket fever, higher income , new cars, new roads and new work culture –all will surely be a future shock–

    GSM for voice and CDMA for data is norm within power internet users..so dont be surprised if your friends in high places would be carrying 2 handsets!

    If you get chance visit Mumbai/Gurgaon and see call center crowds and how they have adapted western lifestyle along with westrern accents..

    Do check in the new Shopping malls, new eating places, and their booming business !!

    Hey i just returned from India trip after just 2 years and find myself still basking in colective optimism,youth confidence, booming economy and India shining heat still…

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