8 thoughts on “Level3 Buys Savvis CDN Business”

  1. Om, Wiltel’s loss of the SBC revenue was the main reason why Level 3 was able to buy Wiltel in the first place. You really shouldn’t report this information like the SBC deal was a loss to Level 3. Level 3 took advantage of Wiltel’s lost business by buying the whole company when it was down.

  2. well, that is going to show up as revenue lost next year. it is a fact and part of the back story. it is something which needs to be reported.

    Moreover, Level 3 has not said that they were able to buy WilTel because of lost revenues.

  3. Sounds as though both LVLT(SVVS CDN) and AKAM(NINE systems) may have been a reaction to Internap buying Vitalstream? My .02

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  5. It’s difficult to imagine that Level 3 can or will actually make this acquisiton work. It’s not a secret that Level 3 is a pretty crappy place to work (any company saddled with that much debt doesn’t push rewards very generously down to the backbone of the organizaiton, a key motivator) and doesn’t have a rich history of innovation. The CDN biz L3 is buying are actually former Sandpiper and DI developers that have been out to pasture in the past several years. Nothing significant has come out of this group. If L3 is going to make this work, they are really going to have to put some steam behind the development of the video piece to make it differentiated. This just isn’t Level 3’s culture.

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