7 thoughts on “Limelight Looking For New CEO”

  1. Akamai’s suit has no merit. They only brought it to try to disrupt the Limelight financing that was recently announced. Now that Limelight has the money, Akamai is screwed.

  2. Akamai has never brought a suit without merit when defending its patent, and the suit also involves MIT, co/patent holder. Take a look at Digital Island, Sandpiper and Speedera. Lastly, $100 million of the 130 raised went to the management team and existing shareholders. So LL is screwed, not Akamai. Stay tuned, If we see a temporary injunction at the forthcoming hearing Limelight is for the most part, over.

  3. And Akamai doesn’t have money?
    They have every right to sue copycat companies who infringe their patents.
    The YouTube and other growing businesses will, as they grow further, give up the value added offerings of Limelight for the stability and security of Akamai’s network.

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