8 thoughts on “Lithuania's TEO to offer 1 GBPS over fiber”

  1. It’s a little bit forced to assume that Lithuania is a country with little copper legacy. However, converting to fiber is easier if the country is small.

  2. Well, seeing is believing…TEO quotes “that will allow increasing the speed of services provided to the customer up to 1 Gbps”, that doesn’t imply they actually will provide that speed.

    The country is roughly 1.5 times The Netherlands, not really that small (okay compared to US…sure…)

    But to give you some other background: about 1.5 months ago as good as all internet connectivity disappeared when some TEO employee decided to upgrade one of the major mainframes šŸ™

    Currently there is only one connection to Telia (via Latvia). As long as we don’t get redundant connections to the outside world, what good is it to get potentially 1 Gbps ?

  3. Annonymous, check out the teledensity in the CIA factbook. not much to suggest a massive legacy of copper there. Sure every place has copper, just not as much as in the developed world.

  4. Peter,

    excellent point. I suspect as the demand increases, there will be more “international” connections. Meanwhile, keep us posted on how things are going there, so we can keep updating the stuff accordingly.

  5. @Om

    Sure, I will keep you posted.
    TEO practises some good (Int’l) PR here.
    E.g we have an office connection (via TEO) 1MB down and 768kbps up and we are being charged roughly USD 175 per month (!), no real alternatives, so what can we do. I really wonder what they will charge for the connection they say they will offer soon….

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