4 thoughts on “Meraki meshes, one Repeater at a time and some solar power”

  1. This is an excellent way for people on a budget to share a broadband connection. But they need a lot of bandwidth if many people will be sharing.

  2. Adderton hasn’t been at the company for over a month. Is there a cover up? Why didn’t he testify in the court hearing?

  3. This unit is very weak. The signal of the wifi is very low. This is a consumer grade product being passed as a commercial. This has many limitation. You should not use more than 5 units in repeater mode. Also the unit only uses one channel to communicate with each other. Not very fast. Buy the indoor unit it is better and you can change the antenna for a more powerful unit. The best part of this unit is the solar panel. contact me for any questions you may have.

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