19 thoughts on “LIVE BLOGGING: Apple adds YouTube to AppleTV”

  1. Apple tv and other asynchrnous video (Select, Transfer, Store, View) on the net is going to make for a very interesting set of developments vis a vis IPTV. At some point, carriers (and/or CDNs) will care about you switching on your apple tv box and offer you (or more likely offer Apple) a new ‘tier’ of service. Ditto for Google tv, Joost, …. pick your fav HD video provider on net.

  2. Om-

    Thanks for live blogging this story, and it’s working out pretty well. The one issue seems to be that the WordPress servers sometimes send older cached copies when the user refreshes the screen. So we get to see new stuff, then not, then see it again.

  3. I don’t want to sound like a hater, but YouTube on the AppleTV? Um, that’s been done (admittedly, by hackers), but I hope the Apple TV update holds a bit more than that.

    I know we’re not getting Divx or other video formats, but not much of an announcement here.


  4. It is clear that the phone companies do not understand how to make the richer functional experience such as enabling internet connectivity via Wireless, Edge, GPRS, IrDa etc. simpler for the end user (ie beyond the standard phone functionality). It is hard to understand and setup internet connectivity on PDA phones or the “Smart Phones”. They require you to wade thru acronyms like “CSD line type”, “PAP & CHAP authentication” “NDISWAN” etc I have a Master’s in Computer Science and even my head starts reeling from this.

    Steve Job’s characterization – “I think the Internet experience is bad. You get baby internet, mobile internet, or something bizzare.” is very true. I know a ton of folks who are holding off on upgrading their current phones and waiting to get the iPhone.

  5. Oh Nooo!!!! Arghhh!!! Grumble Grumble… battery technology sucks!!! When can I get Mr. Fusion for my laptop?!

  6. Om, Others,
    You guys genuinely think the announcement of Youtube on Apple TV is as big as its being made out? What about the pathetic quality of Youtube videos — which would only look very distasteful when played on high end TVs and HDTVs?! How about the very cool tech called Surface from Microsoft being covered? Oh wait, I forgot that Om has gotten into favoritism a bit too much off-late!

    PS: I genuinely do not have anything against Apple or anything for Microsoft, just an observation of an obvious bias here.

  7. I still think an idea that would revolutionize the Apple TV would be a cable-USB cord that plugs into the back of the device and broadcasts the cable signal to a computer. Watch it thought iTunes? Some sort of TiVo features? It would be epic.

    I certainly would buy one if it could do that.

  8. well … regarding Redmond Huge Copy Cat Machine … SURFACE is a copy 🙂

    check out what Jeff Han and his team have been doing for NYU

  9. “I think the [mobile] Internet experience is bad. … [The] phone is not a great place to discover and browse large libraries. I think you have to sync it with your PC, anyway. Why not just buy [music] on a PC and sync it to your phone? ”
    This is a definite short-sightedness on part of Steve Jobs. He sounds like Bill Gates in the 1980s on how much memory we need on a PC. In 5 years he will have to eat his words…err Apple 🙂

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