10 thoughts on “Mike Volpi’s Post-Cisco Gig: Joost CEO”

  1. Volpi was a key SVP who was best known for driving the famous Cisco buying spree in the 90s that led to its incredible growth (he was responsible for 70+ acquisitions I think). Additionally, as the lead for the core routing + switching business, he oversaw development of many of the company’s most important and successful R&S products, plus new emerging technologies. In fact, he has played a key role in product development and was rumored to be the next CTO before Charles Giancarlo was named to that job. In fact, the recent rumors had been that Chambers’ successor would be between these two guys. Volpi’s last role at Cisco was SVP for Service Provider technology and routing technology–in fact he had spent much of his efforts pushing the SP-related technologies, especially around cable and wireless as Cisco was trying to break into that old school business with its new school tech. Volpi’s extensive experience with start ups (through all his acquisitions at Cisco) should be an asset to Joost, especially if it relies a little bit on some technology acquisitions for growth. However, how his Valley experience will play on the Hollywood side of Joost remains to be seen. It might be good for him to become buddies with Steve Jobs for some tips and tricks there. Jobs has certainly mastered that balance beam, and I think it will be a smililar game at Joost. In fact, it will be very similar.

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