16 thoughts on “Live Traffic Info, Mobile Killer App”

  1. It’s kind of a neat model. People look at their phones to get traffic info. They are distracted trying to manipulate horrid mobile UI’s and understand tiny screens. They get in accidents and tie up traffic which gives the system something to report…

  2. OK, you are in your car looking for traffic information. Why wouldn’t they just turn their radio on?

  3. So cool! I love it!

    Maps for Blackberry was already drop dead cool. This makes it amazing!

    On my commute this morning, it was totally accurate.

  4. I agree with the previous comment – traffic info is almost never current by the time it gets to me, so it’s pretty useless.

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  6. If you aren’t getting up-to-date info from your radio, perhaps you should call to alert them when you’re stuck in traffic. I’m sure they’d appreciate it. After all, there’s no way a service using automated info from official sources could be half as accurate as a service from the same town, who has a local number for tips and real people at the other end.

  7. This suggests that Google can follow wiki-kind of approach – people can report in congestions. Just like information wikis, one hopes stale and mis-information will be diluted by accurate reportings.

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