9 thoughts on “The Return of The Big Money VC”

  1. Incredible… When I first heard about Zillow, I visited the site a few times and spread the word like wildfire. They clearly have a “wow factor”, and will definitely be useful.

    My worry is that VC’s are betting too much money on them. I’m sure they can pull a profit, but probably not to the magnitude the VC’s expect.

  2. it is becoming increasingly clear that money is cheap again and venture capitalists are in spend more. zillow would have to work hard to become a leader in this space, and one should expect losses to continue for a bit but the pay off looks big.

  3. One gets the impression that there’s enough idle money out there that can create inflationary pressures at any time – and the only reason it does not is due to the slow bleed of money into the investment world.

  4. Looks like we need to get that daily VC newsletter going again. The one from the late ’90’s that made me feel like a piker for only raising $2 million. 😉

  5. just tried to enter zillow.com, there is what I got:

    “Sorry, but we do not support the Opera browser
    Instead, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox”.

    interesting what investors who using O will say:)

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