6 thoughts on “Long Tail Is The New Hockey Stick”

  1. Anyone else getting the feeling that with all the expansion and hiring that google has done that they’re finding it harder and harder to keep on the cutting edge. I just keep comparing the recent products/services from Google to those of Yahoo and even Microsoft. They just don’t seem to be quite there.

    “Long tail is the new religion at Google these days is long tail.”

  2. today in the news, I heard the story of the baby squirrels that had gotten their tails all tangled up? they had to be surgically separated … and all lost part of their tail! not necessary relevant, it’s just that the word ‘tail’ in your post made me think of that.

    on that note though, can a long tail be of danger to the specie? it seems reasonable to think that in certain situations it could become a weak/vulnerable body part … or if it’s so long that it takes a while for the nerves to transfer any signals from the tip of the tail, like if it’s been bitten or infected? that could be as bad as your left foot not knowing what your right foot doing, eh?

    hmm, I am going to google this potential problem … maybe they have an ad or two that points me to the right place for an answer 😉

  3. Not to turn this into a new product brainstorm for Google or anything, but given the comment above by Eric B. re: Google’s latest products being a bit off the cutting edge, I’m curious about what else they could do with the technology that got them started in the first place, “search.”

    They moved on the book/library search idea, which I thought was great, but ran into copyright issues, etc. I haven’t heard or seen anything else since. Could they enter more niche markets with search technology like the scientific market? It would be hard to get the advertising revenue in a lot of these markets, but I am curious if their actual search technology could be monetized in other ways.

    Does Google video eventually get them into the IPTV space, with them taking over as the main screen when you turn on your TV to search for programming?

  4. About Google in the scientific market, they are already there (Google Scholar). I don’t think I ever saw an add in Scholar but I use Gmail to receive content alerts for several scientific journals and along side those I see a lot of ads for specific lab equipment and such.
    There is a lot more they could do since there is so much specific meta-data to tap in research papers but the potential market for these type of tools (researchers) is probably so small that it might not be worth the efforts. It might be interesting to know that the most used (and still the best) of such research oriented search tools is not free and universities and institutes pay for access.

  5. Seems like if Yahoo can catch up on Search TAC, Google will all of a sudden be about 5 years behind them on most vectors that they are driving towards (mail, content, syndication, mobile, living room).

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