8 thoughts on “TiVo, A Platform, Some Mp3Tunes Too”

  1. Essentially there are a bunch of ready-to-use programmable set top boxes out there waiting for internet content.

    Still waiting for Netflix on TiVo

  2. well, that is good to hear. i wish i could get my home set-up to work. it is such a mess right now. i need to get it cleaned up right now.

    i am looking forward to setting up mp3tunes service

  3. I have a Toshiba 120 Tivo box and the free service.
    It is currently hooked up wirelessly to my Apple Base Station Extreme. Is there a way to have the Tivo play my iTunes music over the TV? The computer and Tivo are in seperate parts of the house and it would sure be nice.

  4. Lantzn: Galleon may provide what you seek.

    Om: yeah, my hard drive crashed the other day and I just had to try some easy way to back things up. I really wanted to be safe and have the backup push to a location outside of my house, and being a Linux user, this service was a nice match.

  5. Lantzn: AudioFaucet is another TiVo HME application that will both stream MP3 files directly to the TiVo and control iTunes to stream audio to an Airport Express unit. It runs on Mac & PC — you can get it at


    Disclaimer: I’m one of the developers of AudioFaucet.

  6. I just tried out my mp3tunes locker on my TiVo and it sorta works but needs more work. I’ve been able to get some music to play but I can’t see my full artist or albums lists (it only shows down to about the Fs for artists) and the application keeps crashing with ‘out of memory’ issues. I have about 40GB of music on their servers so the problems may be due to the size of the locker.

  7. I loved mp3tunes for about a week, until it stopped streaming itunes drm files. That was the point so I could play them on the tivo and at work. oh well, they did have a disclaimer that it wasn’t guaranteed to work or to continue to work.

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