13 thoughts on “Looks like now Google is buying Waze for $1.3 billion”

  1. This sucks! As a consumer, the best purchaser would be Apple as IOS maps needs some help. Google could provide a better Waze on their own if they wanted to. Facebook I’m sure won’t improve Waze; just mine the data and litter it with ads.

    Therefore, this is really just Google keeping the status quo of being better than everyone else.

    +1 corps, -1 consumers

    1. Let’s look at three of the possible scenarios, all of which assume Waze was going to get acquired.

      1) Facebook buys. Undoubtedly, FB would force integration with regular FB including things like real-time tracking and other things Waze users don’t necessarily want and which add no value to what Waze does (i.e. get you places faster). Waze probably ceases to exist as a product.

      2) Apple buys. Undoubtedly immediately making the produced iOS-only thus yanking the app from everybody else. No benefit for anyone not using Apple products, which at this point is the majority of the world. Waze probably ceases being a standalone product and gets rolled into Apple Maps.

      3) Google buys. There may be some G+ or Google Now data integration -Now already has some real-time mapping- but it probably won’t be at the level of FB. Google also has a history of multi-platform so there is no serious risk of it becoming Android-only. This seems the closest to allowing Waze to continue being Waze.

      Tossing in some wild geese of Microsoft (would certainly push to make Windows Phone-only), and Yahoo (has no serious mobile app history) does not change the outcome.

      If the goal is to allow Waze to continue being Waze and on multiple platforms, the Google was always the only good choice. Everybody else was either going to mangle the product, force it into their existing products, and/or restrict it to their particular platform.

      1. NoName

        That is a great assessment. I think Facebook too falls in the “play-with-everyone” category but you are right about Google being more focused on Maps and location and having a clue.

  2. I think there is a bigger issue here than providing traffic data and selling ad space. Google is Big Data. They want the traffic data that Waze creates to resell it to traffic app providers, Department of Transportation, predictive modelers, vehicle manufacturers, logistic companies, etc. Basically, they will use this information to battle Inrix, not Apple or Facebook.

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