2 thoughts on “Losses are mounting for LivingSocial”

  1. It seems to be a bad week for tech. The Daily Deal industry seems to be taking a beating in the last few months. Groupon’s stocks seems to be on a steady decline. Now LivingSocial’s numbers come in low. Recently LivingSocial had to lay off some of their upper management.

    There still seems to be a lot of funding, Fab.com just raised a ton of money and had a high evaluation.

    It look like the Summer Olympics and tech have something in common… they both have Gold, Silver and Bronze… “Divers”

  2. How much cash could they possibly have left? They raised a lot of money, but several hundred million went to cash out founders and early investors and they aren’t doing enough revenue relative to those losses to be generating much cash from the float like Groupon does.

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