10 thoughts on “Lucent-Alcatel Say – I Do!”

  1. Good posting, Om. I just read a transcript of the Alcaltel-Lucent merger announcement here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/8499

    Serge Tchuruk, Alcatel’s Chairman, answered his own rhetorical question on the call as to why these two behemoths should merge:

    “The first key, to be amongst the best in the capability to innovate in products; not only in products, also solutions and services.

    The second key, to be amongst the best of the lower-cost players. In other words, the market is so competitive that even if you have the first key and if you donโ€™t have the second key, you cannot open the door. To get those two keys working, obviously scale and size can help. A combination of two very large players which individually have already gone a long way in meeting those two criteria can be a formidable winner. “

  2. I think it’s better than Sears and K-Mart but I am not sure what real benefits they will quickly amass, especially in trying to merge divergent cultures. I think that GE picking up Lucent would have been a much more interesting play.

  3. Mr. Carlini would you care to elaborate more on Counterpath and the merging of divergent cultures. I think someone must be the go between and the current climate seems to be receptive.

  4. Regarding Counterpath, rumors abound about a soon to be announced deal with a major U.S. Telcom. Have you heard any rumors to that effect, and if so, is that likely to sway other North American Telcoms in Counterpath’s direction?

  5. I need a phone number to reach Alcatel,I recently surrendered Lucent stock and have heard nothing for two months.

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