9 thoughts on “Mac(mini) Daddy’s Zing Thing”

  1. This sounds great, but in the current world, you just aren’t always connected. Maybe at work, and at home, but for example, not in between, and certainly not with high enough speeds to keep the music streaming. And certainly not when I’m snowboarding, in the alps. My iPod works wherever I take it, and this device will need some network coverage. The iPod works from the alps to the subway, and anywhere in between.
    Where I the benifit, the world isn’t as connected yet as such a device would need.

  2. PanMan, I believe the zing platform allows for streaming AND storage of music. So you could store all your mp3s before you go boarding – just like you would with an ipod – but you could also download or stream new music once you get back into the chalet with wifi. The value in this platform is that you are decoupled from the proprietary transfer format of the ipod.

  3. PanMan, while I agree that in the current world we are not connected, that doesn’t mean it will always be like that. i think over next five to ten years we will see that transition to always on connectivity. I think more so, this is a platform that could really end up getting traction overseas, and not in the US. iPod – will go wireless as well, at some point.

  4. It seems to me a sport these days to challenge Apple’s iPod. Examples of the things that surfaced just recently are Microsoft and its partners who are working with DoCoMo e.g. to build a player on cellphones in Japan. The other one was Creative who seemed to have suit Apple for IP violation? And now this one.
    As I posted on our blog site (www.nice-ventures.com/blog), I think the party that Apple opened seems pretty much closed for the rest now. Heroic trials are of course nice to watch but probably only Microsoft will have the deep pockets to go after it for years before maybe successful…

  5. Unless there is something that Zing did that is patentable and patented by them, I don’t see widespread success because the iPod is heading toward wireless connectivity, and the best of these types of features will show up on a wireless iPod, but with tight integration into the iTunes Music Store, and maybe the rumored Mobile Me (whatever it is).

    Technically, Zing needs to integrate as well or better with many other people’s hardware and many other people’s stores. Definitely not an easy or low-cost task.

  6. The major reason I use an iPod instead of a competing device is support for the .m4a/AAC format. I used to create MP3s at 160 kbps to get the audio quality I wanted. .m4a gives that to me at a 20% space savings. That means more music on the go.

    So far, my concern seems to be in the minority, but I won’t switch devices until I see other mfrs. support the .m4a format.

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