9 thoughts on “SixApart Comet Is Now Vox”

  1. I was wondering what happened to Comet. Is it a separate offering or is it meant to be integrated into existing services? I was under the impression this project was meant to be the next generation of Six Apart’s existing services? TypePad 2.0?

  2. It’s no wonder that they have been so very slow to introduce upgrades for MovableType. It is very obvious that they want to continue to expand there services business and what appears to be only token expansion and improvements to MovableType

  3. Six Apart is about a year behind the other guys. Everybody else has rolled out comparable services (Um, does MSN Spaces or Yahoo 360 ring a bell??). Let’s not pretend this is anything new.

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  5. I think this is very promising. A mix of customisation, sharing and privacy control that will appeal to a slightly older audience than myspace et al. Of course, that’s a small market than the under-25s, but it’s a market nonetheless.

    I don’t Six Apart has been neglecting it’s other products either – MT will get an update shortly.

  6. We’ve moved most of our company blogs away from Typepad/MT to WordPress – we feel it’s a much more flexible platform. I think SixApart has lost some momentum in their core offering and I’m not at all sure they are going to make up for it my making an incursion into another crowded market.

  7. I just created my first blog on Vox. It’s pretty cool and will serve my purposes for now. I still think that when I get a bit more serious about blogging I ‘ll look into WordPress. For now I got the free invite to Vox and I am going to use it to blog about an upcoming relocation move to the southwest for my family and friends. I’d like to see Vox include a blog roll function.

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