12 thoughts on “May 23: What’s Interesting This Morning”

  1. What is objective of your blog? It simply lacks convication , efforts and aim.
    The way you are advertsing yourself is clear cut indication that you want to earn Name and fame. Nothing wrong in it ,but my dear do hard work Not mere copy paste.

  2. Hardly a debacle for Google, who got exactly what they wanted basically for free . . . maybe for Verizon (but who says they won’t weasel out of open access, as that’s their nature)? Meanwhile, a Whitespace WiFi variant is pretty much the last hope of communities without the demographics to attract carrier investment.

  3. Om,

    Your first sentence is wrong of the first bullet point is wrong. KPN hasn’t bought a piece of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). AMS-IX is a member association (The association owns a limited corporation under the Association). For a full explanation of how AMS-IX operates see http://www.ams-ix.net/about/

    Neither KPN nor Reggefiber own any shares in AMS-IX (they can’t, it’s the membership thing). As far as I can see Reggefiber is not directly connected to the AMS-IX as Reggefiber or even through a subsidiairy, but there are 280 AMS-IX members and Reggefiber has many joint ventures and subsidiairies. KPN is a long standing member of AMS-IX.

    KPN did buy 41% of Reggefiber, which is a sizeable part, but not the whole company. Excluded are also parts like Eurofiber, which does large backhaul and b2b networks. I’ve blogged about it on my blog “Internet Thought” if you want to know more on the subject.

    The main reason for the investment seems to be KPN’s wish to enter the FTTH market without having too much of this investment on the books.

  4. Right on the dot Rudolf, AMS-IX Association is a 100% owner of AMS-IX company and as such both are not up for grabs any way. KPN is one of our largest members (customers) and Eurofiber one of the Reggefiber subsidiaries is one of our suppliers, other than that there is no relation.

  5. IAE does NOT stand for the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) but it stands for Internet Access Eindhoven, a regional fiber project in the south of the Netherlands.

    Please do your homework before publishing!

    Job Witteman
    CEO of AMS-IX

  6. @Job, @ Carla and @ Rudolf,

    I am sorry for the mistake and my misunderstanding of the structure of AIE and I apologize for causing all the confusion. I have fixed the post, deleting what I had written earlier.

    As for as deleting your corrections, I am not sure what you are talking about Job. I think your comment was held in moderation queue since this was the first time you commented here.

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