17 thoughts on “Meet FanSnap, Search Engine For Live Event Tickets”

  1. Looking at the 10/15 Dodgers game, all of the listings are from Stubhub. I know for a fact that 714tickets and Barry’s tickets who are mentioned as suppliers on their website have tickets for that game. So where are the rest of the suppliers? If they are successful what happens to Stubhub? Within the industry people speculate that 70%-80% of their listings are the brokers whom Fansnap is listing. Fansnap will be sending people directly to the broker owning the tickets and the consumer will end up paying 20%-25% less for the same seat than on Stubhub.

  2. @Brian — Thanks for your comment; for the game in question there are tickets available from multiple providers on our site, including ones you mention. Try using the checkbox filter on the left to see results from a specific provider.

    It may have been that some of the cheapest tickets in the list on the right were from Stubhub and you didn’t notice the list was paginated? As this is a beta, we are still experimenting with how to empower people to best sift through the different options.

  3. I really like the UI, based on the screenshot. Looks like far better nav than what one usually experiences on Ticketmaster or StubHub.

    But what I don’t get about these ticket exchange destinations is why anyone is willing to pay the idiot tax. The tickets are always 50% or more than if you just buy them off a ticketholder on craigslist. I’ve been to many playoff games and other tough to get tickets … and I’ve not once bought those tickets from StubHub or similar.

    Instead of partnering with the ticket resellers that have such ridiculous mark-ups, why not partner with the teams / concert venues more directly? As a consumer I’m not interested to have better access to awful ticket prices from a wider range of resellers. I want better access to the direct venues’ prices, and better alerting for when tickets go on sale.

  4. @Sachin Agarwal there are aggregators like TicketStumbler and there is FanSnap which is tapped into the databases of ticket sellers, which puts it at an advantage in terms of the inventory access and also more ancillary data around the tickets. In the end, it will be about the UI.

    As @TravisV says, I think it is about finding things easily. I agree with him. Low level scalpers via Craigslist are cheaper but there is a risk factor of not knowing if those tix are authentic or not.

  5. very nice site and user friendly.
    However, either they need more computing power, burstable bandwidth or better api code because serving up the data was very slow.
    Sports is a great area to in whether the economy is up or down. Thumbs up!

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