4 thoughts on “Meet the GigaOM Mobilize 09 LaunchPad Candidates”

  1. There are some really interesting apps in that list. Glypmse sounds like a dream product for a lot of parents I know ;). There’s a pretty entertaining two minute video of it on their website too =).

  2. I think the Metaio sounds pretty intriguing. Being able to point your camera phone at an object, havint e software recognize that object, and having it overlap a 3D image/character onto whatever is inside your camera screen sounds pretty amazing.

  3. The Locle Platform team will be in San Francisco for a few days before and after the conference and also down in Los Angeles. If you are interested in meeting up for more detail than possible in the 4 minute LaunchPad presentation, please drop us an email at info [at] locle dot kom (no, not really with a “k”). Regards, Ronan Higgins

  4. Distimo will be in San Francisco for a few days before and after the event as well if you’re interested in meeting up with the team. Please get in touch with me at mmhull [at] gmail [dot] com if interested.

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