3 thoughts on “Qwest to Shut Down Wireless Service”

  1. Having worked for US West before they merged with Qwest, the biggest strategic mistake that US West/Qwest – the smallest of the regional bell operators – ever made was selling off its wireless business (then US West New Vector) to Airtouch.

    The divesture came just as the world was starting to go mobile, and Qwest is now is basically a bunch of dark fiber and landline phones at this point. Great if this was the year 1999, but they have zero mobile play at this point.

    If they had to do it all over again, they should have let Sol Trujillo continue to run the company and let him push into fiber/IPTV and mobile broadband.

  2. Are you sure Qwest is smaller than Cincinnati Bell? Whether it is bigger or smaller (I think smaller) CB does have its own wireless network . . .

  3. It’s Nov 1, 2009, my wireless qwest phones still work. Qwet lied!!!!!!!!!! They have a contractual obligation to keep the service on.hahahahahahaha to all you suckers who switched because qwest call and convinced you to switch.

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