7 thoughts on “MetroFi Is Dot.Gone”

  1. I will not deny the overambition, my friend! Clearly, the wrong engineering, the wrong penetration estimates (15 to 25 percent of all households!), the wrong business model (we pay everything), the wrong timing (incumbents got smarter, competed).

    The engineering is one of the key things. It’s hard to say that any one company set expectations incorrectly, but when you have a plan that calls for 20 to 25 Wi-Fi nodes at $1,000 to $4,000 a pop going to needing 50 or more for the initial service plus $100 to $200 signal boosters within homes–that price just isn’t cheap any more.

    Muni Wi-Fi still has a place for outdoor-only applications. It’s very very hard to get any wireless signal indoors.

  2. I thought this was too good to last – The nearest Metro-Fi box is across the street from my house, so I almost always had a good signal.

    Okay – what do I do now? Is there a dial-up available? Where do I turn? I don’t want to invest in cable or dish just for e-mail and internet.

    Someone reply please…

    Alex Howard

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