17 thoughts on “Let's Talk About Data Portability/Interoperability:”

  1. Why not do this conversation on UStreamTV so location doesn’t determine the voices and opinions you hear? And so that a wider audience benefits as well.

    UStreamTV is working well for many in involved in this and other discussions. I’m just saying, it’s NewTeeVee 🙂

  2. Actually UStreamTV is better for this sort of thing. Better chat function based upon IRC. Flixwagon is a good reporting tool not so hot for collaboration, though.

  3. Informatica and teradata held a webcast that included this topic last week. I’m into BI and very interested in using profiles from stats to alter a user experience.

  4. I can not be physically present. Here is my contribution to the discussion: A better approach may be what Marc Canter has been suggesting – two-sided API and the ability for users to identify which data can be accessed by whom using those APIs. The former requires an industry standard and the latter has UI implications. But both are surmountable.

  5. LP and Ben it is for Sunday I guess. Today, I showed up didn’t see you there and left at 3 pm. Was sitting in the back of the starbucks. lets try it again tomorrow. I have three people who have emailed me and they are going to be there. so lets get together at that point.

  6. Yeah, it would be great to have this discussion using the tools and bringing in Chris Saad and others. Maybe Marc Canter can hook it up. He’s pretty savvy with video, and collaborative discussions when he wants and needs.

    What do you think Marc? Can you do the hook up?

  7. I’d love to chat to you about this stuff sometime soon, Om, but today I’m at home with the family in San Jose. Shame you didn’t make it to the Data Sharing Summit last Thursday; we had a lot of very productive conversations there.

  8. Love your rant, Dave. Long overdue, IMO. All of the marketing and business types are jumping on the social networking bandwagon (they smell $$$) just when I’ve begun to hit my limit on how much networking I really want to do online, rather than face-to-face. It can easily get overwhelming and take your attention away from other, more valuable uses of your time.

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