6 thoughts on “Should you download Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1”

  1. I am happy with Firefox 3 Beta 5, once they have all the extensions then I will download it. Hope they make the extensions independent of the versions.

  2. Despite the lack of extension support, I’ve been using versions of Firefox 3 for a while now and haven’t looked back. It’s just SOOO much more stable then 2.

  3. I havent tried the FF3RC1 yet, but on the beta5, I used this extensions called “Nightly Tester Tool” It allows me to override any compatibility problems that are said to exist, and so, all my extensions work fine, even if they say they arent “compatible” with FF3B5.

  4. I’ve started using RC1 as my main browser on XP and it works like a charm, I installed the Nightly Tester Tools, force-enabled all my extensions and the only couple that I’ve had to disable are Firebug and Foxmarks. They haven’t crashed the browser or anything – but obviously with the architecture changes they don’t currently work 🙂

  5. I’m using RC1 for OSX right now. Not sure about the awesome bar, I use the address bar almost exclusively on FF2 (very few bookmarks) and I love it. This new one has some visual noise which is a little distracting when trying to decide if FF has pick the correct url for me.

    Page load and render speed is definitely better than FF2, but Safari 3.11 is the bar FF must compete against in that department. Initial impression is that Safari is still faster, nothing scientific, but I’ve felt myself waiting for FF3 while Safari is so fast I don’t usually notice any delays.

    I will still use FF2 for my daily development work – unfortunately 😉

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