11 thoughts on “Michael Jackson to Skype: Beat It”

  1. Om, it might be time for Ebay to put a Ebay person to head Skype. That kind of person might put Ebay / Skype integration as a priority.
    Seems like that is only way to still make the merger succeed. Though as I wrote http://flatplanetphone.com/wordpress/?p=334
    The deal was handicapped from Day 1, Ebay doesn’t want sellers and buyers to communicate too much, so they don’t circumvent Ebay 🙂

  2. I’m not sure why eBay integration with Skype is necessary, or even desirable.

    But go ahead, put an eBay person in charge of Skype… that’ll be the final nail in the billion-dollar coffin.

  3. It appears that the only original members of Skype now reside in Estonia. The entire original management in London has left the building.

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