20 thoughts on “Static On Skype, Zennstrom Quits”

  1. whose idea was to buy skype? who got fired? the skype guys obviously go, but they are now rich. whom at ebay will take responsibility for one of the stupidest acquisitions ever?

  2. Om Notice the same day Niklas stands down as Skype’s CEO Joost luanches publicly.

    I think Niklas would rather work on Joost than Skype and his and Janus’s 2 year agreement with eBay finished .

    Skype has had a rough time recently with the network outage but I think it can survive the VOIP wars .

  3. never quite understood the motivation for ebay to buy skype? Meg Whittman’s prob not gonna take the fall here…

    At least a deal like this might help caution other companies from throwing crazy money at the next “big thing” cough…faceboo….

  4. Michael doesn’t strike me as the sort who wants the hassle of being CEO, so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he turned the gig down.

    As the only team-member who knows anything about telecom, he has been the main oarsman at that business for some time. His credits include SkypeOut and most of the other paid services.

  5. If you were Michael Jackson would you want to take over as CEO at this point? I doubt it.

    Skype will either be spun off/sold or made just a little division within eBay. The independent little company that could is long gone.

  6. Skype’s business model (is)was fundamentally flawed.

    Adding subscribers will constantly reduce calls that generate revenue and if everyone in the world were to get skype, it will have zero revenue.

    There is a critical point beyond which having to maintain infra-structure costs a lot more than revenues. With 220 Million accounts, my calculation says that Skype reached that point a while ago !!

    Most businesses would love hockey stick growth, skype would collapse even if it hit halfway!

    The management & VCs sold out at a good time.

    As PT Barnum said .. there is sucker born every minute.

  7. This time next year we’ll be saying “who was the idiot at Google responsible for the youtube purchase decision”. Okay, Youtube is a much better buy than Skype and for far less, but how long before it makes up the $1.6B and untold losses it is incurring every day?

  8. Hope none of the management or board at Ebay are investors in the Draper VC funds which made tons of money on Skype. That would be a BIG conflict of interest, no?

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