19 thoughts on “MJ's Death Makes Web Traffic Spike, But No Internet Meltdown”

  1. Well Google did break. This morning I was trying to run a web search on something completely unrelated and got a Google error basically indicated they thought they were under DOS attack, and it wouldn’t let me search without entering a capthca which didn’t work on my crappy Nokia E51 phone.

  2. Om – This post is right to put in context yesterday’s failures, but it’s sloppy in two places. First, it’s not ironic that this occurred during your infrastructure discussion. Perhaps it’s serendipitous. Also – The timescale uses EDT, EST and times without a noted offset This makes it hard to follow.

  3. While i was doing some work on Facebook.
    I checked in on Twitter.
    Everyone posted tweets about MJ’s death.
    I felt shocked and really felt sad.
    But something went wrong with my Twitter profile yesterday.
    Now it’s ok.

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