31 thoughts on “King of Pop Proves to be King of Traffic: MJ's Online Memorial Pushes Internet's Limits”

  1. I wonder who paid for the bandwidth at Akamai. I wouldn’t pay $0.10 to “celebrate” that filth

    1. Hey Diego

      Your site was down so I ended up taking a screen grab and essentially uploading that. It is credited properly. I had no idea Mashable had taken it from your site, so I apologize. I have corrected and posted proper credits.

      Thanks for the reminder & Corrections.

    2. The word “tribute” was incorrectly used. Should have been “mention” – as a good percentage of folks were twittering that they were sick of the mediastorm on MJ’s death.

  2. Akamai do NOT say that all those streams and all that Flash traffic was JUST for streams associated with Michael Jackson. How many streams did they have yesterday? How much Flash traffic did they have yesterday? The difference between that and the numbers quoted today tell the story. Ask them that. This is extreme hyperbole and you are falling for it.

  3. My maths not working…
    Approximately 1 millions users left 800,000 comments…. That’s less than one comment per user… What’s about 800,000 users left one comment or 400,000 left an average of 2 comments. But here, no, 1 millions users left 0.8 comment…
    Is 0.8 comment under 140 characters?

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