9 thoughts on “Mobile's newest star Songza is red hot with 1.15 Million iOS downloads in 10 days”

  1. I have been listening to Songza last few days. It seems to hit the spot for me. Pandora seemed to have something lacking.
    Now I wish Amazon buys it… I have bought quiet a few songs from Amazon MP3 after listening to the song on Songza.

    1. Alok

      I had the same reaction to it. It is pretty enjoyable and it makes easy to find thematic music. I like listening to it in the background.

    1. Scott

      I am just wondering if you have used the service? Where is the FUD. That they have 1.15 million downloads of their app in ten days or that they have 100,000 daily active users. As to your assertion about hype – well the only hype they are getting is from people who actually use them. Check out twitter.

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