Twitter slowly unfolding its search ambitions

18 thoughts on “Twitter slowly unfolding its search ambitions”

  1. Until I can search my own tweets archive for an earlier post, Twitter search remains horrible for me. And looking at how they sell archived tweets database for a price, I wonder if we would ever get that capability.

  2. Doesn’t twitter have to worry about trust(who’s who and whom do I trust, even if not follower), information value(how much value is added by any given tweet to any given context), how to identify context, pattern creation(to simplify pattern recognition). Fallout … discovery of related data in a given context by trusted providers.
    Just wondering.

      1. Sorry, you are right observation.
        To get a group of people to solve an ‘unsolvable’ problem. I tend to ask questions on how to solve it without any details.

  3. Om, features like related videos and images are distracting frosting while lack of results more than 5 days old is anywhere from sad to a fatal flaw: event hashtags are dead merely a week after an event.

    On the other hand, if you self-publish your tweets on your own domain and notify realtime updates with PubSubHubbub (PuSH) then Google’s “site:” site-specific search will return real-time and *comprehensive* results for your own tweets. That’s what I’d call “personalized search with more relevant results”.

    -Tantek (

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