18 thoughts on “Twitter slowly unfolding its search ambitions”

  1. Until I can search my own tweets archive for an earlier post, Twitter search remains horrible for me. And looking at how they sell archived tweets database for a price, I wonder if we would ever get that capability.

  2. Doesn’t twitter have to worry about trust(who’s who and whom do I trust, even if not follower), information value(how much value is added by any given tweet to any given context), how to identify context, pattern creation(to simplify pattern recognition). Fallout … discovery of related data in a given context by trusted providers.
    Just wondering.

    1. Ronald

      I am not sure if you are making an observation or asking me a question. If it is the first, I think you do bring up some valid points for their search team to weigh in.

      1. Sorry, you are right observation.
        To get a group of people to solve an ‘unsolvable’ problem. I tend to ask questions on how to solve it without any details.

    1. All signs point to them trying to improve improve their “search” experience. If things have not improved in 6 months, I would agree with you.

  3. wrong frame with search but you it right near end with ‘discover could use a lot of help and improvement’.

    Yup 😉

    1. They are young Adleine, when users want relevant and current feed about a topic, then #Hashtag to see what all the chatter is about. Very powerful, yet simple information stream!

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  5. I hope Twitter (and even Facebook) come out with their own search engine. Anything to break Google’s monopoly in search !!

  6. Om, features like related videos and images are distracting frosting while lack of results more than 5 days old is anywhere from sad to a fatal flaw: event hashtags are dead merely a week after an event.

    On the other hand, if you self-publish your tweets on your own domain and notify realtime updates with PubSubHubbub (PuSH) then Google’s “site:” site-specific search will return real-time and *comprehensive* results for your own tweets. That’s what I’d call “personalized search with more relevant results”.

    -Tantek (tantek.com)

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