13 thoughts on “Sonos gets $45 million in new cash, adds biggies to its board”

  1. I bought my Play 5 and it has been nothing but a disappointment. I have spoken to their technical department on many occasions and they are useless. A bunch of hype for a mediocre product. Hurrah Capitalism.

    1. Gregory

      I have had the same product and have had not problems. Have they offered to replace the device? If not, then that is indeed bad form on their part.

      1. Service.

        However, the product isn’t worth the price. Their support service is simply atrocious. I’ve called on several occasions and was rudely dealt with, as if taking calls is beneath them. One person had the audacity to tell me that I was keeping him from the festivities going on outside. If someone works in customer service they should realise that their job is to help people, not make them feel bad about calling in.

        I stand by my comment, they have awful service.

    1. Hello DF,

      I would like to first apologize for any negative experiences you have had in the past with the Sonos Support team. We strive for service that exceeds your expectations. If you are on Twitter, please DM your contact information to @SonosSupport and we will work to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. If you are not on Twitter, please reply back and I am sure we will find a different way to get in touch.


      Sonos Support

  2. I have Sonos in three room. I love it. It is great to have the same music in the whole house or different in each room. It is easy and simple to operate from my iPad.

  3. So much potential… but the key to unlocking a wonderful Sonos experience is the apps. And for the premium price, they are currently just too slow in bringing out updates. I had a buyer’s remorse moment the other day when I realised that a £25 bluetooth bridge to my hifi system could actually deliver 80% of the value.. and let me control my music from the much superior Spotify app…

  4. Sonos could be huge if the devices weren’t so dam expensive. I’m sure if they reduced the costs by 20% the sales would go through the roof as I love my Sonos Play3 and would have one in every room if I could afford it

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